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a 100% electric model in 2025!

Hang on your seatbelts, Ferrari will be releasing a 100% electric sports car by 2025! Is it time for zero emissions at Maranello?

We are there, Ferrari will not escape it. Theelectric era for the prancing horse brand has come !

It was the company’s president himself, John Elkann, who broke the news: the first all-electric Ferrari will see the light of day in 2025. “You can be sure it will be all you dream of. The engineers and designers of Maranello will leave no room to chance in their history ”, he would have declared to our colleagues from Autocar.

An inevitable choice?

The news is not really a surprise, even if for the purists it could be a heresy … but with the multiplication of the European restrictions on the level of CO2 emissions and all the legislation in force against the thermal engines, the future does not could be otherwise, even at Ferrari. While some manufacturers like Audi completely abandon thermal engines, at least the development of new engines, some manufacturers comparable to the Italian firm such as Porsche for example have already taken the lead in the electric segment: with the recent Taycan, the German manufacturer can boast of being present in the sector with one of the most efficient cars on its market.

According to the president of the brand, it is necessary “ see this as an opportunity, not an obligation“. Finally, he adds: “Our interpretation and application of these technologies in both motorsport and road cars is a huge opportunity to bring the uniqueness and passion of Ferrari to new generations”

A hybrid model already on the market

As a reminder, the brand with the prancing horse is not completely devoid of electrical technologies. Indeed, with the recent F90 Stradale, the first supercar hybride rechargeable from Ferrari, the brand has already taken a first step towards electrification of its models.

The latter has a moteur V8 4.0 L biturbo of 780 ch, to which is added a 220 hp electric motor. Working together, the two added together boost the power of this Ferrari to 1000 hp all round.

It remains to be seen how many horses this 100% electric Italian sports car will be able to develop… and all this quietly! Until then, we hope that Maranello will still produce some thermal models to satisfy our little ears …

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