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Driverless Tesla Model S kills two occupants

In the United States, a driverless Tesla Model S kills its two occupants sitting in passenger seats. It is not yet known whether Autopilot mode was activated.

We know that Tesla’s autonomous cars are lined with electronics and driving aids. The cars also have an autopilot mode, an autonomous driving mode that allows the driver in theory to let go of the steering wheel and the pedals, leaving the car and the on-board computer. sole judge on board.

Two dead in driverless accident

In the United States, two people died this weekend while in their Tesla Model S, without a pilot on board.

According to the city authorities, shortly before midnight, a Tesla Model S from 2019 was found on fire, obviously after hitting a tree. It would have ignited immediately after the accident, probably because of the batteries.

Also according to the police, the two men on board were on the passenger seat and the second on the rear seat of the vehicle. The car was therefore driving without a driver: it is then assumed that the autopilot system was activated so that the Model S could move on its own, what Tesla doesn’t normally allow.

The car allegedly exploded with the fire

Once there, the firefighters struggled with a fire of great intensity : Tesla’s batteries would have continued to burn despite the efforts of firefighters to extinguish the blaze.

According to the authorities, it took almost four hours and just over 100,000 liters of water to come to the end of the flames completely… It was unfortunately only once the fire had been extinguished that the firefighters were able to observe the presence of the bodies of the two men.

An Autopilot mode that can still be improved

At the moment, it is still unclear whether the Tesla’s Autopilot mode was activated. Anyway, the car manufacturer cannot be held responsible because no one was behind the wheel of the vehicle: even if this autopilot mode is activated, Tesla forces drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and to be able to regain control of the vehicle in the event of a problem.

As a reminder, each Tesla car has a ” Autonomous driving“, Which is level 2 driver assistance software, which means that the driver must still remain vigilant at all times and keep an eye on the road.

According to Tesla, its autonomous driving mode would be effective in limiting accidents as much as possible, but this automatic piloting still has flaws, like recently this Model Y which crashed into a police vehicle, still in the United States.

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