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the new electric sedan unveiled

At the Shanghai 2021 Motor Show, Audi unveils an electrified A6 sedan concept, which is very close to reality!

At the Shanghai 2021 show, the brand with the four rings unveils a little more its future ambitions in the electric sector: Audi unveils A6 sedan concept, devoid of heat engine!

Electricity is in full swing at Audi : after two models of electric SUV, the e-tron and the recent Q4 e-tron, and finally a GT sedan, the German firm from Ingolstadt does not stop there and continues its momentum of the electrification of its range. This time, Audi is launching a 100% electric version A6 with many advantages …

Un on d’e-tron GT

The model in question is positioned just below thee-tron GT already known, which is positioned as the flagship of the all-electric range at Audi. In terms of size, the model is almost similar in terms of length: the concept A6 is only 3 cm (4.96 m) shorter.

The latter, which should officially come out next year, should therefore have similarities with the GT sedan, even if the electrified A6 remains on a more family-oriented positioning.

A range of 700 km announced

Like the e-tron GT, this future Audi A6 is based on the 800 V technology, which promises record charging times (the capacity would be 270 kW). Audi is also announcing one of more 700 km in WLTP cycle.

The engine is expected to develop 350 kW (or 476 horses) for 800 Nm de couple.

It will thus perform the 0 to 100 in less than 4 seconds, a time close to that of a Porsche Taycan.

A design at the service of aerodynamics

In case you may have missed it, this sedan is devoid of mirrors. These are replaced by cameras placed on small tips, in the same place as conventional mirrors. In addition to this rear view system, the vehicle is also devoid of doors, which improves its aerodynamics. His coefficient from air penetration is excellent: the model displays a Cx of 0.22.

While waiting for the release of the real model next year, which will undoubtedly be very close to this version, Audi gives us a series of detailed photos. Prices should be around 70 000€.

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