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Symptoms of a broken or worn out car engine

Before purchasing a used vehicle, there are many points to check, especially the essential mechanical elements. Knowing how to recognize the signs of a faulty engine is essential. Focus!

Blue smoke comes out of the exhaust

From blue smoke escapes when the engine is running at low speed or when the driver re-accelerates? It may be that intake valve stem seals are worn out. A continuously emitted smoke, accompanied by overconsumption of lubricant, indicates general wear on the engine. Long-term, a connecting rod could end up sinking.

Black smoke comes out of the exhaust

At first glance, this emanation may seem to come from a benign problem. However, if it is detected on a gasoline vehicle, it is recommended to have the condition of the engine checked as soon as possible. This is because it means that it has trouble burning fuel, especially if it is a car equipped with a choke flap carburetor. It is possible that carburation adjustment of the intermediate circuit is too rich. This problem leads to the dilution of the oil and the loss of lubricant characteristics.

Abnormal noises are detected in the engine

Knocking or knocking coming from the engine? This indicates broken parts or large internal clearances. The problem can quickly worsen if the crank pin is defective.

A high-pitched whistle emitted by the engine may come from an ordinary air intake or a slack belt. However, if the noise persists, at an increasing frequency, a seized tensioner roller may be the cause. As a result, the timing belt may come loose at any time, which could cause irreversible damage at the pistons and valves.

Of clicking sounds are heard when the driver accelerates, especially when climbing a hill? It is essential to favor premium gasoline if it is an old model car, not catalyzed. Thus, unleaded 95 petrol should be absolutely avoided. In fact, this type of fuel risks damaging the engine over time.

The oil warning light flashes

Is the engine hot, but the oil light flashes or comes on weakly when idling? It means that the oil pressure is insufficient. The problem could also be an internal oil leak. Even if the engine seems to have no mechanical problem, it is necessary to have it checked by a mechanic as soon as possible. Indeed, the consequences could be more serious, to the point of sinking a connecting rod.

Why call on a professional?

Checking the condition of the car engine should be entrusted to a mechanic. In-depth mechanical knowledge is necessary to detect the origin of the problem. Only an experienced mechanic is able to take the necessary corrective measures. The budget to be foreseen depends on the type of intervention and the possible parts to be replaced. For a secure transaction, it is recommended to opt for payment by bank transfer or check.

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