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The smallest convertible in the world at the Shanghai show!

The Wulling brand unveils its MINI EV Cabrio, a discoverable version of its electric city car which is a hit in China! With its 2.92 meters long, it is undoubtedly the smallest convertible in the world …

The shanghai show has reserved a lot of novelties for us in recent days. Apart from the models that we know well in Europe, we have also seen a lot of vehicles intended exclusively for Asia.

For some time now, China has been trying to move away from gasoline vehicles and switch to electric vehicles which are more environmentally friendly. We know the country suffers from pollution greenhouse gases and in particular because of its very dense traffic.

In this context, electric vehicles stand out more and more, this is the case of Wuling Hongguang MINI EV, which is quite simply the best-selling car without a heat engine in China!

A convertible version presented at the Shanghai Motor Show

The small car, in its 4-door version, is sold at a very attractive price: 3.700 €. With such commercial success, the Wuling brand, which is a joint venture between the Chinese SAIC and General Motors has decided to change its model.

Nearly 9,200 km from here to the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show, the brand has indeed presented a new version of its bestseller: the Wuling MINI EV Cabrio.

You understood it correctly, the brand released a version cabriolet of its small electric city car, also has a very interesting price: count the equivalent in Yuan of 4.000 € for its base price. If this model seduced the minds of the spectator by its very nice little face with round LED headlights and its atypical design, it is also thanks to its very small size: 2.92 meters long


The smallest convertible in the world?

With this small size, it is difficult to remain indifferent as we are used to seeing ever larger models in terms of size depending on the generation.

For comparison, a Fiat 500 convertible is 3.6 meters long for the 2020 model (3.5 meters for the previous model). Likewise, a Mini convertible is about 3.9 meters in length, which is much more than our small model from China.

To find a more or less equivalent model with us in Europe, you have to go to your home Citroën with the Friend. Although it is not a convertible, with its 2.41 meters long, the small 100% electric French city car is 50 centimeters shorter than the Chinese model.

Regarding the road characteristics, the Hongguang MINI EV Cabrio has a maximum speed of 99 km / h and has a range of 170 kilometers (against 75 km for the French Friend).

For the moment, it is impossible for us to know if the Wuling MINI EV Cabrio will be sold in Europe … If so, its price would undoubtedly be revised upwards, in particular to adapt the small convertible to safety standards and pass the tests EuroNCAP !

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