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Why shouldn’t you leave your vehicle in direct sunlight?

A vehicle parked in direct sunlight can reach scorching temperatures, more so if the vehicle is parked for a long time. But why should you avoid leaving your vehicle in the sun as much as possible?

Summer is already coming quickly and the sun is starting to show up. If this has happened to all of us, park a vehicle outside under one burning sun is not without consequences.

Not only the bodywork will heat up quickly and reach very high temperatures but theinterior of the passenger compartment will also be impacted, in particular the elements directly under the windshield.

Why do cars heat up so much in the sun?

As we know, a car is made up largely ofmetal elements, like steel or aluminum for example. These materials, like all objects exposed to direct sunlight, absorb a large part of solar energy and turns it into heat. This whole process heats not only the exterior of the vehicle but also the interior of the car.

Likewise, a dark colored vehicle (especially black-colored cars) will tend to heat up much faster than black-colored vehicles. light colours. Indeed, white will tend to reflect more solar rays than the darker colors. If you have a dark vehicle, be even more vigilant about your parking lots: in a few hours, the body of a black vehicle can climb up to 80 ° C degrees against 60°C on a clear vehicle.

The exterior of the vehicle and the effects of heat

If a vehicle is parked too long in the sun, the latter very quickly finds himself the victim of certain aggressions generated by the heat, which can in particular end up alter the general aesthetics of the vehicle as well as its performances. When a vehicle is parked under a blazing sun, and the temperature rises, these are the seals which are among the elements located outside the vehicle that are most strongly affected by the effects of the sun.

We think for example of the seals of the windshield, doors, or windows: these rubber bands, whose mission is to make the vehicle interior perfectly waterproof against rain or snow, are particularly vulnerable to extreme heat. Repeatedly leaving a vehicle in the sun will dry up that rubber

and may make it crumbly.

Likewise, if a car has been in the sun for hours, the engine is also likely to be very hot, which can sometimes affect its performance.

The effects of heat in the passenger compartment

If the exterior of cars is strongly impacted by heat, theinterior is not spared either, quite the contrary. Any motorist who has ever left his car parked in direct sunlight has already noticed that the interior also tends to heat up a lot. Thus, in midsummer after a few hours in the sun, the passenger compartment can rise up to 65 degrees if it’s 35 ° C outside for example.

Inside a car parked in direct sunlight, theair in the passenger compartment tends to heat up enormously. But all the elements located directly under an unprotected windshield also sound: the steering wheel, the dashboard as well as seats, and especially if they are made of leather, they will tend to get very hot if left as is. Likewise, they can be so hot that it will be impossible to sit down or touch the steering wheel for several minutes …

So a piece of advice, avoid parking in direct sunlight as much as possible repeatedly and for a long time and prefer places in the shade. You can also opt for a back-up solution by placing a sun visor under your windshield.

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