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a championship for the Tokyo Olympics!

On the sidelines of the Olympic Games, an official virtual competition will be organized.

What if you became an Olympic athlete… From your living room? This is what the International Olympic Committee (IOC) wants to put in place, before the Tokyo Olympic Games. A new special competition, entirely virtual, will take place from May 13 to June 23.

And in this virtual Olympic competition, we will find the video game counterpart of several sports, in collaboration with the sports federations representing each discipline. Cycling will have Zwift, a game that allows you to run races online from your exercise bike, sailing will have Virtual Regatta, eBaseball Powerful Pro Baseball 2020, rowing a still unconfirmed game … And the FIA ​​will also take part in the competition, with Gran Turismo!

Already an FIA Gran Turismo World Championship

Why choose Gran Turismo rather than a more realistic simulator? Popularity first: Gran Turismo is still the most played racing game, and one of the most popular games in the world. But above all, there are already links between the Japanese title and the FIA. Indeed, every year, a big international competition is organized on Gran Turismo Sport, and is a discipline recognized by the FIA. The FIA ​​Gran Turismo World Championships bring together the best drivers in the game at major public events (excluding Covid), in places such as Monaco, Sydney, Paris, Tokyo, New York …

The players then compete in two competitions: a team championship first, where the drivers defend the colors of a brand like Porsche, Lexus, Ford, etc. And a World Cup of Nations, where the drivers represent their respective countries, and fight for a solo victory.

Cars identical to the national colors?

It is probably on this model that Gran Turismo will organize its Olympic competition. Even if no details have yet filtered out, we imagine identical cars for each participant, painted in national colors, and a selection of real or imagined circuits, for a fight at the top.

Gran Turismo has not yet announced the principle of selection for these virtual Olympic Games, but you should already know that France has several renowned drivers among the best in the world: Baptiste Beauvois and Rayan Derrouiche regularly shine in official competitions.

All you have to do is get out your steering wheel and train to hope to become a virtual Olympic athlete!

Source : The Verge

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