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FIA announces all-electric GT championship

To allow manufacturers to enter their electric sports cars in the race, the FIA ​​has created a new category, which aims to be the electric counterpart of the GT3.

After Formula E single-seaters and Extreme E racing buggies, the FIA ​​will launch a 100% electric GT championship. We would be tempted to call it GTE, but this name has already been taken by GTs which race in endurance racing. But the idea is simple: capitalize on the many manufacturers who advertise electric sports cars, to develop races allow them to show their latest creations.

To simplify, this championship (which does not yet have a name), will strongly resemble the GT3 category, but entirely electric. The cars will therefore have to rely on a production model. Brands that wish to can even adapt their GT3 cars to fully electric.

The batteries, supplied by Saft, a subsidiary of Total, will be the same for everyone, with a total capacity of 87 kWh (a little less than a Tesla Model S for example). But, above all, a ultra-fast charging system will charge 60% of the battery during a pit stop of just a few minutes. The FIA ​​announces a charging power of 700 kW, i.e. the double of a very fast Ionity type bollard !

GT3 performance

In terms of performance, the objective is to achieve the lap times of the current GT3s, but with some specificities. The acceleration will be much better, thanks to the instantaneous torque of the electric motors, which will produce up to about 580 hp. But the cars will also be heavier: the regulatory minimum weight will be around 1,500 kg. On the other hand, these electric GTs will be able to receive four-wheel drive, with one motor per wheel and torque distribution when cornering, for perfect handling.

Expand this category remains the logical continuation for the FIA, after other electric championships and the arrival of more and more electric sports cars on the market. For example, we could expect to see a Porsche Taycan face off against a Tesla Model S, with why not a racing Mercedes EQS. Lotus and Alpine, which are currently developing 100% electric sports cars, would also be all found candidates.

Attractive prospects, even if the FIA ​​here only announces a technical regulation, without specifying how the championship will be organized in itself.

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