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He leaves his Ferrari at a standstill, it ends up in the lake!

When you forget to engage your handbrake, you can quickly have unpleasant surprises! This owner of a Ferrari 812 GTS has obviously suffered the consequences …

In Italy, this unfortunate owner of a Ferrari visibly brand new has become the laughing stock of Internet users.

The photo was taken on April 19 near Lake Garda, on the outskirts of the town of Sirmione in northern Italy.

We saw a Ferrari 812 GTS, sunk in a shallow part of the lake, of course, but sufficient to immobilize the vehicle and force its owner to call a tow truck. On the photo that was shot on social networks, we also see the latter, looking downcast, sitting on the back cover of his car.

The man forgot to engage the handbrake

According to local media, the owner of the supercar would have simply forgotten to “Apply” the handbrake, while leaving the vehicle in neutral.

His Ferrari was visibly parked on a slight slope and waswould have slipped until ending the nose in the water… On the pictures, we notice that the water rises up to the middle of the wheels, which is not necessarily a good thing for the engine, even when stationary.

On most cars, engaging the handbrake is a snap, especially with traditional hand brakes rather than electric ones. But, as the site emphasizes so well The Drive, it is not so simple to leave a Ferrari 812 in neutral without a handbrake: the driver must pull on both paddles to engage neutral, but after releasing the brake, the car automatically engages the “Park Lock To keep him from moving. If the driver wishes to leave the car in neutral without applying the handbrake, he must activate the “car wash” mode which involves shifting into neutral, switching off the vehicle and activating the accessory mode within three seconds …


Is the engine flooded?

If we look closely at the pictures, we notice that the Ferrari has slipped into about 30 cm of water. Fortunately for the owner, the damage was therefore probably limited given the shallow depth of the lake at this precise location.

But it remains difficult to know the extent of the damage caused. According to the Italian media Formulapassion, thanks to the rapid intervention of the local police and with the help of a tow truck, the car would have been quickly towed out of the water. With an engine visibly off, the damage could be limited.

Anyway, this kind of images hurts your heart when you know that a new copy of 812 GTS is trading around 350 000 euros

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