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a client attacks Tesa at the Shanghai Motor Show

The young woman says that the malfunction of the brakes of her Tesla is the cause of a recent accident involving her, but also all her family.

While the Shanghai fair Just started, a woman climbed onto the roof of a Tesla Model 3 to protest the brand. Her action was premeditated as she was wearing a t-shirt that could read “Defective brakes” in Mandarin. Obviously, security intervened with a technique unorthodox. Indeed, they have deployed a series of umbrellas in order to prevent the reading of the inscriptions on the garment of the young woman.

Who is telling the truth?

The owner, very unhappy, claims that she would have had a accident because of the faulty brakes of his Tesla while his whole family was on board! According to the American brand, the car was inspected after the incident and no fault has been detected. Who is telling the truth? Impossible to know.

” We apologize ”

But it doesn’t stop there! The Chinese government got involved via its news agency, Xinhua, which published an article saying that Tesla’s quality needs to be improved. Tesla responded by apologizing publicly on the Weibo platform, the Twitter local: “We apologize for not having managed to resolve the car owner’s problem on time. We will do our best to learn from this experience ”. The manufacturer will set up a department that will take care of the customer satisfaction. However, there was no clarification as to the follow-up given to the young woman’s problem.

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