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impressive in the momentum test! Video

The very latest Dacia Sandero, released recently, has been tested in the famous momentum test. Its results are quite surprising!

You must have heard of the very last Dacia Sandero. Low-cost city car, the car is offered at an unbeatable price, from 8 690 €.

At this price, we should not expect high quality finishes and materials but against all expectations, it is its road behavior who manages to make it stand out!

A very good momentum test

With this new Sandero, Dacia hits hard and delivers us a very decent car for an unbeatable price again.

As you can see in the following video, the model also benefits from a very healthy dynamic behavior and with a remarkably balanced chassis.

In this swing test, subject matter specialists from KM77 carry out a whole series of tests at different speeds to evaluate the avoidance maneuvers between cones arranged in a straight line.

The Sandero impresses: launched at high speed, the city car manages to stay between the blocks without flinching up to 73 km / h! Even above this speed, the car remains remarkably stable even if some of the studs are affected.

For comparison, the Dacia does better than the last Eighth generation Volkswagen Golf or even the Mercedes GLA. For the Golf, the same exercise is carried out around a maximum 69 km / h and the Mercedes is already starting to eject blocks from 66 km / h.


Rather impressive results which prove the stability of the city car in this type of maneuver, even at a relatively high speed.

Good behavior but less active safety convincing

Recently tested, the car was also noticed by his bad score during crash tests EuroNCAP : it only collected 2 stars out of 5 in tests.

In question: mediocre results with regard to the protection of other road users, such as pedestrians for example, which weigh down the score of the low cost city car.

Anyway, offered at this price, the Sandero remains a city car with an unbeatable price / quality ratio. If you are going to buy a 4-door vehicle for less than € 10,000, no doubt that it will appear in your purchase comparison!

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