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1,000 charging stations installed in car parks

The operator Saemes has announced that it wants to install more than 1,000 charging points in car parks which it has recently taken possession of.

Infrastructure for electric cars is finally advancing in the Paris region. At the beginning of April, the Total group formalized its takeover of the Autolib ‘networks and the eventual creation of 2,300 fast charging stations. Now, it is the parking lot operator Saemes who is joining the movement, promising more than 1,000 new charging points installed in the car parks which it recently took possession of in the capital.

These terminals will be so-called “accelerated” terminals, ie with a power of 7 to 22 kW. Not enough to charge your battery in a few tens of minutes during a short break, but perfect for when your vehicle is charging for an hour or two, like during a meal in the city or a shopping trip.

Gradual deployment in the 8th and 16th arrondissements

These 1,000 charging points will be gradually deployed in 6 Saemes car parks. First in the 16th arrondissement (Flandrin, Porte d’Auteuil and Jean Bouin car parks), by June 2021. Then, by the end of the year, the 8th arrondissement (Hausmann Berri and Madeleine Tronchet ), then, in 2022, the Bergson-St Augustin car park, still in the 8th district.

However, these terminals will not be free. To refuel, it will cost you € 0.50 commissioning fee, then € 0.30 per kWh consumed. Or around fifteen euros to fully charge a Renault Zoe, for example. If you have already subscribed to these car parks, you can subscribe to a supplement of € 35 per month to use the 7 kW terminals unlimited.

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