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a Japanese race on the circuit!

Usually, this type of car stays a long way from the tracks, their lap times and the corners that need to be taken at high speed. Except in Japan, where some owners get together for a race every year!

Jimny! Yes yes, many small 4 × 4 high on legs competing on the track. This is the latest trendy idea in Country of the rising sun. Owners from all over Japan, passionate about this car, meet once a year on the circuit. They fight against the clock to prove their bravery.

Avoid turning around!

Because you have to be a little crazy to decide to throw a Jimny all over the place on a track. Indeed, this small 4 × 4 is mainly known for two things. First, be a pocket all-terrain with incredible crossing abilities. Practically nothing can resist it despite the size of less than 4 m of the last generation. The second thing he’s known for, it’s easy to turn around to finish on the roof, the 4 tires in the air!

Well modified

Fortunately, the pilots arrived well prepared. The big all-terrain tires and extended suspensions remained in the garage. These Jimnys are modified for the track with sporty tires and widened fenders. They are also lowered (as much as possible) to avoid the dreaded roll. The 2021 edition of this crazy race will take place on the Mobara circuit on November 21.

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