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find out his score on the avoidance test!

What is the very latest Dacia Spring, a 100% low-cost city car worth in the avoidance test?

If there Dacia Spring has been in the limelight for a few months, it’s because she has many advantages to assert. The small city car 100% electric with the air of urban backpackers is perfect for the city, with its small engine of 44 hp and a range of 230 km according to the WLTP cycle (up to 305 km in WLTP City).

But it is above all its price that is very interesting: € 16,990 at the entry level, or € 12,403 ecological bonus deducted!

With this attractive price, the small electric city car must, however, inevitably make concessions. If its general design, the equipment that makes up its chassis and its tires of Chinese origin are not very convincing, the Dacia Spring is nevertheless good figure at the level of the avoidance test.

A promising avoidance test

If the Dacia Spring has been singled out for its perfectible course behavior, the recent tests of the specialized chain KM77 proved the opposite on the avoidance test.

With thousands of cars tested, this specialized Spanish magazine took the small electric city car on a stretch of straight line with several studs, forcing the driver to perform an avoidance maneuver before getting back on track.

The car, which is abused at several speed levels, manages to stay the course up to 77km / h ! If we compare with other electric models, the Porsche Taycan manages not to touch any studs up to 78 km / h while the Tesla Model X does not manage to exceed 70 km / h without hitting a stud.

In terms of handling, the Spring impresses with wheels that never take off from the ground at any speed, which is usually the case on similar vehicles.

It’s better than its thermal big sister, the Sandero, which only passes the test up to 73 km / h. To explain this difference, it is suggested that the Spring’s batteries, offering a lower center of gravity, improve the car’s handling.

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