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the match of French sedans!

Can the new Citroën C5 X rise to the level of the Peugeot 508? Comparison!

Citroën makes its big return to the family segment ! And it is a remarkable comeback, since the Citroën C5 X is an atypical model, crossover style, with as always a priority given to comfort.

For its part, the Peugeot 508 was able to seduce from its launch in 2018, with its four-door coupé lines and a sharp look. So let’s see what these two sedans, which share a platform, are worth against each other!

Exterior: Citroën breaks the codes

There where Peugeot plays on classicism with a sedan with the elegant lines of a coupe, Citroën wants to create its niche. The C5 X is both sedan, hunting station wagon, and SUV… Not easy to find. But suddenly, the chevron sedan goes less unnoticed than the 508. We’ll let you decide between them!

The Citroën is larger by a few centimeters, with a little over 4.80m against 4.78m for the Peugeot. What to predict an increase in habitability, even if the two sedans share the same EMP2 platform.

Interior: more classic

Citroën on the other hand calms its game inside, with a more classic look. The comfort objective is clearly displayed, with Advanced Comfort seats which have already proven themselves. A large 12-inch touchscreen can take pride of place in the middle of the center console, even if the digital meters seem a bit small.

It is finally the Peugeot 508 which is more original here, with the famous Peugeot organization and the i-Cockpit. The steering wheel is small and the counters can be read over it.

The equipment is up to date for the two French women, with a plethora of driving aids.

Habitability: Citroën hits hard!

In the rear seats, the livability is much better at Citroën, with good legroom. The Peugeot 508 is penalized by its smaller dimensions and especially its cut sedan line, which restricts the ceiling height, even in the SW version.

Side trunk, Citroën hits hard with an announced volume of 545 liters. It’s even better than the 508 SW, which is content with 530 liters.

Engines: technical sisters

Stellantis Group obliges, the engines will undoubtedly be very similar, even if Citroën does not give more details for the moment. At Peugeot, there is gasoline (130 and 180 hp), diesel (180 hp), and plug-in hybrid (225 hp, 52 km of electric autonomy).

On the other hand, it seems unlikely to see a Citroën C5 X equipped with the Peugeot 508 PSE technique, a plug-in hybrid of 360 hp. A point for the latter, therefore!

Conclusion: tastes and colors

Each of these two French wagons have their strengths: the dynamism of style and behavior for the Peugeot 508, comfort and roominess for the Citroën C5 X. Especially since the engines should be very similar.

It all depends on your priorities, even if we expect the Citroën C5 X to be slightly cheaper than its rival to the lion. More definitive answer in a few weeks, pending the opening of orders scheduled for fall 2021.

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