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an investment of 2.3 billion and SUVs in China!

With an injection from the parent company Geely and electric ambitions in China, Lotus wants to relaunch!

What if it was finally the time of renewal for Lotus ? This is what its leaders hope in any case, but especially Geely, who bought the small British manufacturer in 2017. On the brink after several ambitious plans (we remember the madness of Dany Bahar and his 6 new models presented at the 2010 Mondial), Lotus is now starting to look to the future.

Lotus will end production of the Elise, Exige and Evora, to make way for a new model, the Emira. The latter will be a small sports container, in the purest of Lotus traditions, and will be launched next July. But above all, the Emira will be the latest thermal model of the brand. Indeed, Lotus aims to sell only electric cars by 2028.

A factory in Wuhan, China

This major transformation plan first involves the Evija, an incredible 2,000 hp hypercar presented in 2019. Then, the electrical replacement of the future Emira will arrive by 2025, and will share its platform with the future Alpine electric sports car. Finally, Lotus will become more international.

This is in any case the objective of Geely, who wants to take advantage of the strong image of the brand to launch Lotus in China. The objective, in the long term, is to go from a thousand cars sold each year to “several tens of thousands per year”. To do this, Lotus will extend its range to lifestyle models (sedans but also SUVs), which will be produced in China. The majority of these cars will be sold in the Chinese market, but will also be available in Europe. Geely has therefore planned a new Lotus plant in the city of Wuhan, and above all an investment of 2 billion pounds (approximately 2.3 billion euros).

Electric sports cars still made in Hethel

To preserve its heritage, the sporty models of Lotus will always be assembled in thehistoric Hethel factory, in England. It will therefore apply to the Eviya, the Emira, and its electric replacement shared with Alpine.

It remains to be seen whether this ambitious plan will finally bear fruit. The financing by the giant Geely is in any case a good sign: the latter has proven itself with Volvo’s spectacular turnaround in recent years.

Source : Forbes

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