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Are we moving towards a dematerialized license throughout Europe?

The European Commission wishes to facilitate the procedures with the driving license passing it in digital format in all countries.

The driver’s license arrived in France there is… 99 years old ! Since then, he has evolved a lot. In 1992 the points license arrived, which followed requests from the Road safety, anxious to want to further reduce the number of road victims.

It was not until 2013 to see the arrival of the small pink card as we know it today. Exit the pink three-fold card card license.

With this typical format ” credit card“, The current license is more robust but also more secure: it is equipped withan electronic chip that it is possible to read with a device.

Europe wants a common virtual license

By 2023, things may have changed for our little pink card. Indeed, the European Commission is currently working on the development of the permit, which would affect all member states.

The goal is simple, to create a dematerialized license which would be accessible by the police of all countries to improve both road safety but also to facilitate cross-border travel. With such a permit, it will then be possible to verbalize

all foreign motorists who would go commit offenses with impunity in other European countries, whether with their personal or rental vehicle.

Currently, the microchip permits is above all a guarantee of security, which serves to prevent fraud (fake permits in particular).

By creating a European database, this would make it possible to know the administrative situation of each driver during a simple check. The police could know if the latter still has a sufficient balance of points in his country of origin for example.

Finally, Europe would also think about harmonize the point recovery method and others specificities of the permit, which is now specific to each Member State.

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