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Does it make sense to change your clutch yourself?

The clutch is a centerpiece of your vehicle. It is important to replace it when it starts to tire. The benefits of doing it yourself.

Overview of the clutch

An important part of your car, the clutch is one of the elements that can have serious consequences on your driving at the slightest malfunction. It needs to be changed regularly, approximately every 150,000 km. You can ask a mechanic to do this very technical maneuver. However, it is also possible to arrange replacement of your clutch yourself by carefully following a few steps.

When should you change your clutch?

Clutch wear is easily identifiable. The deterioration of this part directly affects the fluidity of your driving and should quickly alert you. If you notice one or more of these signs, it is essential to check your clutch as soon as possible and replace it if necessary.

You should change the clutch if the pedal is abnormally hard and does not sink in as usual. Indeed, a clutch that works correctly must be flexible and the pedal sensitive. When the latter hardens, it means that it is getting tired and it is time to change the clutch.

Being directly linked to your gearbox, a dysfunctional clutch gives you a hard time when shifting gears. If it is faulty, it can expose you to many dangers, in addition to discomfort while driving.

A worn clutch also tends to slip when starting up. In addition, you will notice rubbing noises when you step on the pedal. Still concerning starting, you must replace the clutch if it causes jerks or sudden jolts of the vehicle.

How much does a professional clutch change cost?

Depending on the model of your vehicle, the price of a new clutch kit can range from around $ 250 to $ 1,100. Indeed, when you change clutch, it is advisable to change the complete kit. If you only replace one or two parts, the interaction with the worn parts can lead to premature wear of the new parts. So you will spend even more on maintenance and repair costs.

If you decide to use a professional for your clutch change, you will have to pay, in addition to the price of the kit, the mechanic’s fees. This process may take 3 to 6 hours. Thus, the price of labor will depend on the hourly rate applied by the professional. Since the services of a mechanic can be between 25 and 100 euros per hour, the labor can cost you between 75 and 600 euros.

The steps to change your clutch yourself

If you have basic mechanical knowledge, you can change the clutch yourself. Indeed, this will allow you to make considerable savings on your car budget.

You will need gloves, a toolbox, eye protection, jack stands, a new flywheel, and a clutch kit.

After disconnecting the battery from your vehicle, you need to disassemble the starter after the driveshaft. This step must be carried out carefully in order to avoid disconnecting the wires and cables from the motor.

Next, you need to extract the worn clutch by loosening the bolts and removing the socket.

Once the clutch is pulled out, remove the clutch disc.

After removing the flywheel, you can finally install the new clutch kit, then reassemble the parts that you have dismantled one by one.

To verify the success of your installation, start your car and take a short trip.

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