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How to make a success of your first motorhome trip

Have you finally decided to go on your first motorhome trip? But have you thought of everything?

Taste the pleasure of adventure in complete autonomy and discover a new destination every day … In motorhomes, trips provide a immense feeling of freedom : with him, no constraints!

Is this your first motorhome trip? Discover a few tips !

Purchase or lease?

When you go on a motorhome trip for the first time, you usually go opt for a rental, less expensive than buying a brand new motorhome or a campervan.

To do this, there are many sites and offers on the internet. However, pay attention to the conditions of the offers, check with your rental company to see what is included and what is not.

Some rental companies offer you empty motorhomes, where you have to plan everything upstream : sheets, duvet, pillows, dishes, utensils, etc. Others offer complete kits for a trip. Then look at what concerns the gas: is it supplied or at your expense? What about gray water emptying (dirty water coming from the sink, the washbasin and the shower)?

Finally, pay attention to the return conditions of your motorhome, such as cleaning for example. If you do not comply with certain conditions, you could have the unpleasant surprise of ending up with additional unforeseen charges.

If, however, you are serious about investing, we have established a selection of motorhomes for less than € 50,000.

Before leaving for the first time in a motorhome

First thing to do is route preparation ! If you prepare things correctly in advance, it will be less stressful on your trip. There is nothing worse than preparing for things once you are underway: you will waste time and probably take less optimized routes.

For this, you can use applications on your smartphone (such as Google Maps or Apple Maps) and note the waypoints of your trip.

Then think about planning the budget for your trip : depending on where you are going, the activities you plan to do and above all, depending on the kilometers you are going to cover, it may be useful to calculate your fuel consumption properly. Likewise, if you plan to take the motorway, depending on the height of your vehicle, prices may vary (class 2 or class 3 for example).

What specific items should I take with me?

When you go on a trip in a motorhome, it’s like leaving in a small house on wheels! We must then think of take some equipment which can be very useful during your stay.

If you have room, consider taking a small vacuum cleaner hand to clean inside quickly. At least remember to bring a broom or hand brush. A motorhome is like a room in the house, it gets dirty and it gets cleaned!

For your laundry, a small dryer can also be useful. Easily foldable, the latter will not take up any space. For the dishes, if they are not provided in your contract, consider taking plastic tableware to avoid breakage!

Also remember to bring a sun visor to protect your windshield when you park somewhere, this will prevent you from heating the passenger compartment unnecessarily. For your night out and in case of a problem, always remember to bring a flashlight, even if your smartphone can already help you if the light were to fail.

Finally, leave with a small folding table as well as camping chairs can come in handy if you want to enjoy pleasant moments under the awning.

The adventure begin !

If you have checked that you haven’t forgotten anything, the adventure can begin! Once the checklist is completed, you are all set to go …

For a rental motorhome, when you go to pick it up, you will normally have handling of the vehicle. A technician will do the tour and show you all of the operation of the motorhome. Then there will be the last step of inventory and finally the contract signature rent !

Enjoy and have a good trip!

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