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100,000 jobs have disappeared in France

A large study shows the constant decline of the automotive industry in France since 2008.

To say that many industrial jobs in the automotive sector have disappeared in recent years is probably no surprise to anyone. Factory closures, relocations, announcements have multiplied in recent years. But the extent of the damage is still surprising: according to a study by the Observatory of Metallurgy (industry directly affected by the automotive sector), 100,000 jobs have disappeared in France since 2008.

Admittedly, the economic crisis of 2008 precipitated this decline. But the auto industry has been particularly affected, and has never recovered since. Compared to other sectors in France, the automotive industry has slumped twice as fast in terms of jobs: a contraction of 28.7% against 14.3% for French industry as a whole.

And it is not ready to stop: in 2020 and 2021 (particular years certainly), the survey foresees 18,000 job cuts on the sector.

100,000 additional deletions in the coming years

In detail, this fold is linked to abandonment of builders : while they alone represented 54% of jobs in the sector in 2011, they are only 49% in 2021. These 5 points do not seem drastic, but the consequences are serious and long-term: very many subcontractors (OEMs, foundries, specialized bodybuilders, etc.) are mechanically following the movement with a few years of delay.

Worse, this decline may well accelerate, with the programmed end of thermal. Electricity production requires far fewer jobs, especially since many batteries are not produced in France. A sign that does not deceive: the production and subcontracting ofelectronic and digital equipment (in connection with the automotive industry) “weigh” today more than the manufacture of plastic or rubber parts. 100,000 other jobs could quickly disappear. Today, the sector only has around 190,000 …

Source: Observatory of metallurgy, via Journal Auto

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