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a 1,000 hp minivan capable of challenging supercars!

Usually, a minivan is used to drop off children wisely at school. But when you glue a turbo the size of a soccer ball to it, there is reason to embarrass some supercars!

A sleeper is an ordinary looking car, even a little ugly, which hides impressive performance! What could be better than a minivan family from the 90s to serve as a base? In any case, this is what YouTubeur and TikToker Kyle Wade thought when creating this 1000 hp Honda Odyssey!

Is that a turbo ?!

To achieve this power, he decided to stick a huge turbo to the Honda 4 cylinders.. The size of a soccer ball, this supercharging increases the power of this minivan to 1,000 hp! The changes don’t just stop at the engine block. A sequential gearbox is also part of the game to speed up gear changes. A roll bar is also installed to improve rigidity and safety.


Supercar slayer

It is not enough to have power, it is still necessary to transmit it to the ground and not transform it into smoke. Fortunately, the 4 racing tires of this Honda allow him to ridicule even the best supercars ! We let you appreciate the nice prize list of this Odyssey in the following video:

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