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all about the Czech city car

Skoda unveils the new and fourth generation of Fabia. From the platform to the design through the interior, everything changes on the Czech city car, the future rival of the Renault Clio and Peugeot 208.

Launched in 1999 and since sold more than 4.5 million copies, the Fabia is one of Skoda’s iconic vehicles. It is even the second most popular model of the firm behind the Octavia. But the third generation of the city car, marketed in 2014, is seriously beginning to show the weight of the years. It is therefore time for the Czech manufacturer to renew it, or even to reinvent it, to put it back at the center of the chessboard.

La Fabia takes volume

For this new and fourth iteration, Skoda has therefore completely revised its Fabia. In particular, he offered him a new platform: the Volkswagen Group MQB-A0 platform, already used for the VW Polo and the Seat Ibiza. This allows the little Czech to gain volume. She now measures 4.10 m long, 11 cm longer than its predecessor, for 1.78 m wide (+5 cm), 1.46 m high and 2.56 m wheelbase (+9 cm).

This growth obviously benefits the livability, especially the rear seats, but also the trunk volume, up from 50 liters to 380 liters (1,190 liters, rear seats folded).

More dynamic, more modern

On the design side, the Fabia is getting a lot of youth and gaining momentum. The lines are tighter and the features sharper than on the current model. The brand thus promises improved aerodynamics with a drag coefficient which goes from 0.32 to 0.28. The lower air intake of the front bumper which embeds active cooling shutters adjustable is particularly involved in this improved “aero”.

Style question, we also appreciate the profiled glass surface, the marked hood, the sculpted sides and the new tapered LED headlights, which have a unique light signature and extend to an imposing grille surrounded by chrome.

The interior does not distort. Here too, the Fabia makes a leap in time thanks in particular to the arrival, as an option, of the Digital Cockpit (a first), with a 10.25-inch digital handset and central floating touch screen (6.5, 8 or 9.2 inches, in the latter case with standard gesture and voice control as an option). It also improves in perceived quality via new materials, and gains in elegance with a revised dashboard, a new steering wheel, redesigned aerators and chrome accents. Depending on the finish, decorative inserts in different colors further enhance the whole, while 5 new Simply Clever features are also announced by Skoda.

Discover the new Fabia in video.

Safer than ever

Driving aids are not to be outdone, in particular with the presence of the semi-autonomous “Travel Assist” driving system, “Park Assist” parking aid, a blind spot detection system, recognition of traffic signs and the emergency braking system with pedestrian and cyclist detection.

The Fabia 4 only runs on gasoline

Finally, under the hood, the brand announces that new generation petrol engines. These are coupled to 5 or 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic transmission (DSG7). In all, five units are available: two MPI engines (3 cylinders 1.0L 65 and 80 hp) and three TSI direct injection engines (3 cylinders 1.0L 95 and 110 hp and 4 cylinders 1.5L 150) for powers ranging from 65 hp to 150 hp.

Skoda offers an optional 50 l tank (40 l standard) which would allow the city car to display a range of up to 900 km with 3-cylinder engines.

Produced at the Bratislava plant in the Czech Republic, the new Skoda Fabia will be offered in three finishes at launch: Active, Ambition and Style. For the moment, its marketing date and prices have not yet been communicated. Its arrival in concession should however take place in the fall.

Discover in video the 5 essential things to know about the new Fabia.

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