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du tuning russe en or 24 carats

Made on the basis of a Tesla Model S Plaid +, this 24K Model Excellence is coated with 24 carat gold, and comes to us from Russia!

If the Tesla Model S is not expensive enough for you, Caviar may have the solution: originally from Russia, this brand is best known for decorating smartphones, watches or shoes, with gold and other stones. precious. A quick tour of their website will even allow you to acquire a gold PlayStation 5, for the modest sum of 366,310 dollars. This time, it’s the famous American electric sedan that offers itself a good dose of bling-bling, with this Model Excellence 24K

Caviar Model Excellence 24K: the most expensive Tesla Model S in the world?

Based on Tesla Model S Plaid+ and his 1,100 horses, the Caviar Model Excellence 24K has a black dress, contrasting with elements covered with a 24k gold plating : the precious metal is found in particular on the rims, door handles, mirrors, sills, spoiler, rear extractor, trunk trim, or even badges.

Caviar went even further by offering the model a gold grille, equipped with two imposing air intakes which are reminiscent of those of BMW. The interior is not to be outdone, and we find the famous half-steering wheel “yoke” of the last Tesla, which is also seen covered with gold plated.

According to Caviar, this vehicle is “The epitome of sophistication, luxury and self-confidence”… To offer you this Tesla of doubtful taste and limited to 99 copies, you will have to pay the sum of $ 300,000, the equivalent of 249.600 euros !

Source : Caviar

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