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a utility version of the electric chip

Do you love to drive around with the Citroën Ami, an electric license-free car with a strange look, but you need a trunk? Citroën has thought of you!

Here is a car that we weren’t expecting in 2021: a utility version of the Citroën Ami! As a reminder, the Ami is a low-cost electric motor quadricycle (a car without a license). Above all, she has no safe! So how do you turn a chip without a cargo space into a utility?

The answer is simple: removing the passenger seat of course ! Instead, Citroën installed a modular box for storing bulky items, in a volume of 260 liters. With the rest of the small spaces scattered throughout the passenger compartment, the volume of total loading is 400 liters. But Citroën still thought the story well, and was not content to put a simple box in place of the passenger seat.

A modular “box”

This storage space has been designed to be flexible. The “cover”, which can open either towards the driver or towards the passenger door, or simply be removed, can also serve as a mini office. An area has been designed to accommodate documents or a tablet, for example, with a notch to hold the whole thing. The cover can support a load of 40 kg, in addition to the 140 kg payload for the box itself. Just behind this opening, we discover a small box for storing smaller objects, such as a smartphone for example.

Inside the “trunk”, the floor can be arranged in two levels, while hooks have been designed to be able to strap objects if necessary. Smart!

Practical for city deliveries

With its 400 liters of cargo, divided into several spaces, the Citroën Ami will not replace Transit or Kangoo-style vans. But it has other arguments, starting with the price: only 400 € more than the basic version, launched at € 6,090, bonus deducted. Then, it is always without a license, and therefore accessible from the age of 14. We can also imagine it replacing scooters, being more practical and electric. Perfect for deliveries restaurants like Deliveroo or Uber Eats. In large cities, if it is self-service, it could prove to be very practical for those who want to move objects that are too bulky for public transport. Finally, Citroën is eyeing an exponentially growing market, especially since the pandemic: parcel delivery.

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