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Porsche presents … a roof box for the Taycan!

The ideal accessory for going on vacation in a Porsche Taycan at 200 km / h on the Autobahn!

Have you just ordered your Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, but you are not sure that all your luggage will fit for your next vacation? Don’t panic, Porsche has the solution for you: a profiled roof box specially designed in the wind tunnel for the electric crossover!

Perfect for departing on vacation by Autobahn: the trunk has been designed for speeds up to 200 km / h ! To ensure the performance of the whole, Porsche therefore tested the roof box on a Taycan Cross Turismo prototype in a wind tunnel, then on the track for “several thousand kilometers”. We expect no less from a Porsche product!

€ 1,150… Excluding options!

And in the purest tradition of the German manufacturer, the price is high: 1.150 €… Without options ! Because yes, like the cars in its range, it is possible to explode the price of this roof box with options. These mainly relate to decorative bands that run along the length of the trunk. You can have them painted in Dolomite Silver Metallic, Carrara White Metallic or Volcano Gray Metallic body colors, to match your Taycan. It will cost you then 350 € additional… If you want to personalize these colored bands yourself, you can opt for a primer coat, for the modest sum of 200 €. Nice deal!

On the technical side, this profiled roof box accepts 480 L of cargo volume, for a maximum weight of 75 kg. Classic figures, but the competition in this segment is much more affordable: count around € 360 for a trunk around 500 L at the entry level like at Norauto, or € 659 for high-end from specialist Thulle. But for an owner of Taycan Cross Turismo, why stoop to these “vulgar brands”, when this chest proudly displays its Porsche logo in sight of all?

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