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This pick-up totals nearly 2.5 million km!

Purchased new in 1997, this diesel Dodge Ram has sentimental value for its owner, who has driven around the world many times.

Resident of Oregon, the owner of this Dodge Ram 3500 HD does not know at all theobsolescence programmed. In 1997 he acquired this pick-up fitted with a large Cummins diesel engine for heavy-duty tasks such as towing boats. Since then, he has not been able to bring himself to change vehicle. Suddenly, the Ram has 1.5 million miles on the clock, or more than 2.4 million km.

Heavy work

This longevity incredible was not easy for its owner who had to replace the engine and gearbox 3 times… 12 times! Very handyman, this American has learned over the years to work on his vehicle and even took care of the replacement of the last one. transmission. And when asked if he intends to replace his old pick-up whose worn paint is beginning to show the weight of the years, he replies that he intends to keep it and that he is also considering the installation of ‘a engine new !

The video of this puncture-proof pick up can be viewed here: This Dodge Ram pickup totals nearly 2.5 million km!

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