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Ferrari 812 Competizione: a new 830 hp monster!

If, for you, a Ferrari 812 Superfast is ultimately a bit too common and too slow, good news: Ferrari has just presented its radical version, the 812 Competizione.

The Ferrari 812 Competizione continues a line of front-engined GTs revised for ultra-sporty use, with for example the 599 GTO, or the F12 TDF. These models, more powerful, lighter and more extreme, generally signal the imminent end of the model. And given the various pressures for hybridization and downsizing, it may therefore be the last Ferrari equipped with a “simple” atmospheric V12 …

A red zone at 9,500 rpm!

But what an engine! Thanks to work on the guts of the beast (titanium connecting rods, lightened crankshaft, revised air intake…), Maranello manages to grab a few horses. 30 more to be exact, with 830 ch au total

. A leap that is not huge, probably betraying the arrival of a peak of sophistication. The proof, the couple regresses a little, from 718 Nm on the Superfast to 692 Nm on the Competizione. On the other hand, this modified V12 wants to be even more spectacular than that of the “classic” 812, thanks to a red zone raised to 9,500 rpm. Stratospheric! All with a revised exhaust for a unique sound. To support the whole, Ferrari has also worked on the management of the gearbox, which is now faster.

Outside, it’s impossible to confuse the Competizione with a vulgar Superfast from everyone. A large aerodynamic deflector traverse…See more pictures on Autoplus

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