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1 in 5 owners in California are giving up electric cars

In the United States, California remains one of the most dynamic regions in terms of electric vehicles. It is also here that the headquarters of Tesla, precisely in Palo Alto, At least for the moment. Many motorists have thus taken the plunge towards all-electric or at least towards the rechargeable hybrid.

The State has even set itself the ambitious objective of sell 100% zero-emission vehicles by 2035, in a country that is still fairly focused on thermal energy.

But a recent study by theUniversity of California UC Davis showed that nearly 19% of owners of electric cars and 21% of plug-in hybrids abandoned their vehicles to go back to thermal.

Slow charging as the main factor

If a good part of the owners return to thermal, it is above all for several reasons. At first glance, we generally see that there is only one car per household, which must be used by everyone and therefore be available very often.

So comes the charging problem, which is one of the main causes of abandonment: in the United States, the electrical network is 120V, against 240V in France on the classic mains socket. With this level of recharge, without a fast charging system installed at home, it is very slow and forces users to leave their vehicles charging for long periods of time.

If we look closely at the answers, it is not so much autonomy that poses … Read more on Autoplus

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