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He crashes his new Ferrari 488 Pista in less than 24 hours

In the Netherlands, this very recent owner of a Ferrari 488 Pista will not have enjoyed his racing car for long …

This stupid accident in Ferrari brand new should serve as a lesson to all young owners of supercars … In the Netherlands, a visibly inexperienced driver managed to crash his 488 Pista with poorly measured acceleration!

Off the road in seconds

In this video posted on YouTube, we discover a superb Ferrari 488 Pista, filmed on several different shots and angles.

No doubt to impress his people, we can hear the owner shift gears and press the accelerator of his Ferrari. But with nearly 720 horsepower taken from a 3.9L twin-turbo V8, difficult to master such a car, especially if you are inexperienced.

The proof. Just after acceleration, we see the rear tires of the Ferrari which immediately lose their grip and the car begins to slide to the left. The driver is then unable to control the slide. He overreacts and sends 488 to the right. She then slips on a curb, crosses a patch of grass and hits a steel barrier on the side of the road…

He had been the owner for less than 24 hours

As if to make the story more damning, according to comments on the video, the perpetrator of the crash was apparently owner of his car for only one day !

Even though the car was not badly damaged, it still suffered some damage. consequent damage at the wheels and suspension when she hopped onto the curb, while the front and rear bumpers also suffered significant impacts.

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