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The Peugeot 508 SW PSE (2021) tested in video!

What is the Peugeot 508 SW PSE, a 360 hp plug-in hybrid really worth? The answer with our video essay!

By launching its PSE division, Peugeot let loose! The 508 PSE is none other than the most powerful Peugeot in history, with 360 hp in total. Finally a real sportswoman at the Lion brand? It is not all that simple. We take stock in our video test:

Green, efficient … And sport?

The Peugeot 508 PSE is highly efficient, including here with this SW station wagon version being tested. We measured it at 6 seconds on 0 to 100 km / h: not a supercar, therefore, but very sufficient performance for the category. Especially that they are identical whether the battery is full or empty. But the hybrid engine is not characterful enough to talk about sport. A “Hole” can be felt in particular between the instantaneous deployment of electric power and the full awakening of the 1.6 L gasoline 200 hp. The latter is moreover quite ordinary.

But this hybrid and powerful engine allows to highlight the best asset of this Peugeot 508 PSE : its chassis. Efficient and dynamic, it is very easily placed when entering a bend despite the high mass (over 1,900 kg fully loaded). And suddenly, the immediate and generous torque (520 Nm) allows you to use the beautiful qualities of this 508 during a slightly muscular ride. While preserving a good level of comfort, despite the large 20 inch rims.

In short, this 508 PSE is a successful demonstration for Peugeot, but it will leave those nostalgic for the GTi era feeling hungry. We discover here rather a GT, a large efficient road and practical in station wagon version, ideal for devouring the kilometers.

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