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Spain passes all its cities at 30 km / h

Spain becomes the first country in Europe to impose a speed limit of 30 km / h in urban areas.

On May 11, the Spaniards had to put the brakes on the city: all urban areas of the country are from 50 to 30 km / h. Spain is since the first country in Europe to have imposed this speed limit at all its cities.

In detail, all single-lane streets (that is to say without 2 × 2-lane streets, main roads, etc.) are increased to 30 km / h, i.e. about 80% of all streets in city of the country. If a street has two lanes in the same direction, and even if one of them is reserved (bus, taxis, bicycles, etc.), the limit is also lowered to 30 km / h. This limitation is also introduced in cases where cars must share the street with pedestrians, as for streets without sidewalks or pedestrian areas.

The measure is not a revolution in Spain, since several large cities were already applying it, at least in part: Bilbao and Barcelona in particular, but also Madrid, Valence and Seville. But beware of those who have not seen the new limits pass: driving at a speed between 31 and 50 km / h now costs 100 €, and even 300 € and two license points above 50 km / h!

Soon in France ?

Spain has made the fight against urban mortality one of its priorities. And for good reason: it represents today 30% of road-related deaths each year in the country, with 519 deaths in 2019.

In France, no limit at the national level yet. But several cities have already gone to 30 km / h, and Paris has committed to adopting this limitation at the end of 2021, or at the latest in early 2022, Anne Hidalgo’s campaign promise. A strong decision that could push towards a general adoption of 30 km / h in the city, but probably not before the next presidential elections in 2022, given the fiasco around 80 km / h in France which has left the executive reluctant to de new reforms in the field.

Source: The World

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