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Volkswagen Multivan (2021): first image of the interior

Ahead of the presentation of the new Multivan, Volkswagen unveils an overview of the configuration and interior style of the descendant of the famous Combi.

After unveiling the first images of its exterior design, Volkswagen continues the teasers of its future version of the Transporter dedicated to leisure. Now is the time to discover themodel interior which already announces itself as the heir of the famous Combi of the German firm.

Volkswagen Multivan (2021): a clever multifunction table

The new Volkswagen Multivan has a flat floor, and a rail system along the entire length of the passenger compartment, allowing the space on board to be configured with a flexible console with a multifunction table. It has storage and three cup holders, and can be moved and positioned in multiple ways, whether on the two rows in the back of the car, or even in the front between the driver and the driver. the passenger.

In the configuration shown here, the three rows of seats can accommodate up to six people on board, but Volkswagen has already announced that a seven-seater configuration will also be possible. Roof clearance will be equivalent to the current generation of Multivan, but can be increased with the panoramic sunroof optional.

Volkswagen Multivan (2021): presentation in June 2021

This sketch unveiled by Volkswagen’s styling teams also gives us a glimpse of the cockpit of the future Multivan: it takes the style of the brand’s latest productions, with a large panel covering two-thirds of the dashboard, and which incorporates the digital instrument cluster placed in front of the driver, as well as the large touch screen central. A large closed storage is also placed just above it.

The fifth generation of the Volkswagen Multivan will be officially presented in mid-June 2021, for marketing expected later this year. It will be based on Volkswagen’s MQB platform, and will offer a choice of electrified engines.

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