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5 mistakes to avoid when buying

Besides the price, buying a used car has many advantages. But there are some points to pay attention to not bitterly regret your decision later.

Today, the search for a used vehicle begins by looking at the classifieds on the internet, on for example. But it’s not enough to find the car of your dreams, you have to be careful not to make these few mistakes before buying.

1. Do not inquire

Buying a car that is already a few years old offers a few advantages. Obviously, the price is more interesting, but certain recurrent diseases in the model or in the motor are often already known. A quick tour of the specialized forums can avoid unpleasant surprises.

2. Go for it with your head down!

Time is precious, so there is no need to travel for nothing. Once the “favorite” ad has been found, it is worth contacting the seller to find out more about the vehicle. Check that the car corresponds to the description given on the internet and don’t hesitate to ask for a few more photos.

3. Failure to properly inspect the car when stationary

With all the info in your possession, it’s time to get there! First, we look at the visible part of the iceberg : Are the tires in good condition? In what general condition is the bodywork, are there signs of rust, dents, etc. ? You must then lift the cover!

a too clean engine very often hides something. This is also the time to check for any visible electrical connections, grease, oil or other stains.

4. Pay attention to your driving during the test!

Ensuite, you have to take the wheel. Check that the engine is cold: if it is hot, it may be hiding a problem. No smoke or irregular noise? It’s a good sign. It’s also time to test the clutch. In 2e with the handbrake, the car should stall. Once on the road, check if it rolls straight, no vibrations in the steering either, the revivals are correct, all the gears go well … Every feature should be tried!

5. No need to rush…

That’s it, the test is over. Still interested ? Based on what you have noticed, it’s time for negotiation. The key word is patience! Do you think the car is too expensive or are you afraid of certain faults? So no need to rush and buy it, other cars will still hit the market and among them maybe your ideal car.

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