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Bosch unveils 20% cleaner gasoline

Bosch, in partnership with Shell and Volkswagen, will offer 20% cleaner gasoline, compatible with all modern engines.

To cope with the forced march towards electricity, one of the solutions considered is … clean gasoline ! An expression that can make you smile: impossible to create a petroleum fuel that does not emit CO2. But by considering the entire production chain, referred to in English by the expression “well-to-wheel”, it is possible to greatly reduce the CO2 emissions of these fuels.

This is a solution that Porsche is studying in particular, which is developing synthetic fuels, in theory as clean as electric. But this “miracle” fuel is only in the study phase, and time is running out. Hence a compromise, designed by Bosch, in collaboration with Shell and Volkswagen. This fuel, named ” Blue Gasoline” , is 33% made up of renewable products, such as naphtha and ethanol. Naphtha is a derivative of cellulose production, while ethanol can be produced from sugar from cane or other plants.

100% compatible with modern cars

Suddenly, this Blue Gasoline reduces the need for oil extraction, and renewable products, when burning, do not release more CO2 than they would have done without human intervention. The total fuel emissions are therefore lower by about 20%,

according to Bosch. For its part, Shell has undertaken to compensate for the remaining 80% by setting up carbon neutrality programs.

More good news: this fuel can be used by any vehicle already compatible with the Unleaded 95 E10.

Bosch will deploy the Blue Gasoline at its own service stations in Germany, but its use may remain relatively confidential, due to high costs. A clean diesel, named Blue Diesel, had already been developed in 2018, and is used in Bosch stations and in only 8 stations other brands.

Still, the concept is interesting, and is aimed especially, according to Bosch, at sectors which currently cannot switch to electric or hydrogen, like aviation.

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