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Can we live in a motorhome all year round?

You own a motorhome and plan to live there year round. But is it really possible? And if so, under what conditions? We take stock.

For some, the year 2020 has been source of many changes. Among them are people who have decided to radically change their life and leave live an adventure in a motorhome !

But we must distinguish between those who left on a whim, and the others, who left with the aim of radically changing their lives! If to settle down for the whole year in your motorhome can have many advantages, such as living a new daily adventure or make attractive savings by being satisfied with a simple lifestyle, one must nevertheless take an important element into account.

The need to have a fixed postal address

If you want to make this dream come true and you sell your house for example, you must first of all make sure you keep a mailing address. If you want to consider your motorhome as the main home, this is not technically possible and it will imperatively be attached to a postal address.

There are several solutions for this. The first, relatively simple, is to ask someone close to you tax domicile.

Another satisfactory method is to register for a PO Box service : these specific structures are responsible for receiving your mail and letting you know by email what is important. It is obviously a paid service.

Finally, you can also bring together the CCASs in your region, which are the Communal Social Action Centers. Through these specialized organizations, you can have a official mailbox which will be managed by the structure.

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