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a 10-year plan announced by Carlos Tavares

Alfa Romeo has been in trouble for many years, but Carlos Tavares, the boss of Stellantis, is giving himself 10 years to revive it.

Recently integrated into the fold of the new Stellantis group, Alfa Romeo is struggling to find color. At the start of the year, a survey carried out by the CNPA (the National Council of Automotive Professions) among dealers showed that 70% of Alfa Romeo specialists wanted stop their collaboration with the brand. And this, despite the imminent arrival of a compact SUV, the Tonale, which should be the best-selling model in the range.

During a conference, Carlos Tavares, the boss of Stellantis, explained the causes of this disenchantment : “There is no longer any connection between the Alfa Romeo range, the history of the brand, and its customers. We must improve distribution and better understand who we are talking to, what the promises conveyed by the brand are. That is going to take time “.

A 10-year deadline to regain profitability

And time, Tavares on a leash to Alfa Romeo: for 10 years, the brand will receive a sufficient budget to reorient themselves and find the path to profitability. This is also a promise that Tavares addressed to each of the struggling Stellantis brands, such as Lancia, Maserati and Chrysler: “they will all have a chance, a period of 10 years and funding for 10 years to develop a strategy around a new range ”.

To straighten out Alfa Romeo, Tavares will rely on the brand’s new CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato. The latter was notably thecraftsman of Peugeot’s comeback these last years. The path taken by the brand in Biscione will obviously follow that of electrification, as it is now almost compulsory in Europe. But according to Tavares, Imparato will permeate ” passion and a vision“, To help Alfa in this difficult transition.

See you in 2031 to see if this trust in Alfa Romeo has turned into a renewal for a brand that has been in difficulty for many years.

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