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this Daihatsu thinks it is a Land Rover Defender!

Responding to the rules of Kei cars, small vehicles that enjoy financial advantages, the Daihatsu Taft is not really a beauty. This is why a tuner looked into his case …

In the big cities japanese, space is more than limited and parking spaces are scarce and expensive. This is why the regulation of Kei cars, small cars up to 3.40 m long and equipped with a maximum 660 cc engine. Benefiting from reduced taxes and insurance premiums, these vehicles are above all ingenious, often to the detriment of their look which is a secondary criterion during their design.

Little adventurer

This is the case of the Daihatsu Taft, a kind of small cube on casters without charm. However, the Japanese tuner DAMD (for Dream Automotive Design and Development) lingered on it.

Already familiar with this exercise with the Suzuki Jimny, the firm has developed numerous accessories and improvements which give the city car a little air of… Land Rover Defender

. Renamed Little ID, it is adorned with matte khaki paint, a roof rack, all-terrain tires and a checkered seat upholstery.

The 660 cc engine remains unchanged and develops 63 hp. Even if the modifications remain relatively light, they give a lot of charm to the machine. In any case, we like it a lot!

Watch this unusual video: when a Daihatsu thinks it is a Land Rover Defender!

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