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a Polestar 2 transformed to conquer the pole star

Polestar is the new electric brand from the Geely group, which also owns Volvo. And this Polestar 2 in particular has a mission: to think outside the box to see the polar star as well as possible!

Polar star translates into English as “polestar”. It is one of the brightest stars and it indicates the position of North at all times. This gave some wacky ideas to our English colleagues at Top Gear: and why not build a Polestar 2 able to go to the most beautiful place to see this famous star? Obviously, this location is not likely to be in the heart of London, but rather in the middle of the woods!

Well shod

The car’s equipment has therefore been adapted accordingly. First there are the tires. The standard ones have been replaced by a softer and grooved rubber to easily leave the armac. The suspensions of the Polestar 2 in performance pack, like here, are already adjustable. In general, they are firmed up for a better road feel, but in this case, they are relaxed as much as possible to cope with the bad surface of the ground


And enlightened!

A puncture quickly arrived! Halfway through the video, you have to change a tire. Fortunately, thanks to its roof rack, there is something to see coming! Speaking of vision precisely, the small paths in the middle of the woods are generally not well lit, if at all. So the British added 6 big LED lights to the car, just to shine as bright as a star, here then ! All these modifications impact autonomy. Regardless, we appreciate it! We also appreciate the magnificent nocturnal images that this road trip gives us.

Discover the journey of this Polestar 2 and the magnificent nocturnal images below:

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