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The 6 foreign cars produced in France in 2021

Integrated into French groups, installed in France for years, or on departure, these 6 foreign cars are Made in France in 2021!

Of course, automobile production in France is not looking good. Hit hard by the Covid-19 and the semiconductor shortage, but also shaken by deeper crises like the general deindustrialisation of the country, France slipped in 2020 from third to fifth place of the list of European producers.

But while it is easy (and sometimes justified) to point the finger at widespread relocation, about twenty different models are still produced in France. And among them, surprise, 6 foreign brand cars ! Thanks to the analyzes of the firm Inovev, Auto Plus has gathered the forecast production figures for these cars for the year 2021:

Make / Model Factory Forecast production 2021
Mercedes Class T Maubeuge 15 074
Nissan Micra Flins 51 811
Opel Mokka Poissy 95 211
Smart ForTwo Hambach 20 332
Toyota Yaris Valenciennes 96 950
Toyota Yaris Cross Valenciennes 96 950

The synergies of the Renault and Stellantis groups

In detail, the future Mercedes T-Class will be the result of a collaboration with Renault. As such, it will share the same platform and the same assembly plant as the new Kangoo, in Maubeuge (North). The Mocha takes advantage of the integration of Opel into the PSA group, then Stellantis, to be assembled alongside the Peugeot 3008 in Poissy (Yvelines). The Smart ForTwo She lives her last hours in Hambach (Moselle), the factory having been sold to the chemicals group Ineos, for the construction of its adventurer Grenadier. Remain the two Japanese rivals, the Nissan Micra (at the Renault plant in Flins, in Yvelines) and the Toyota Yaris (at the Onnaing plant near Valenciennes), which have been installed in France for years. In this year 2021, the Toyota Yaris is also joined by the crossover Yaris Cross., Also assembled in the North.

But neither the Nissan Micra nor the Toyota Yaris are the most produced cars in France in 2021. Discover our ranking of the 10 most produced cars in France here, and find all the Made in France cars here.

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