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Electric models less expensive than thermals in 2027?

According to a BloombergNEF study, from 2027, electric cars will cost less in Europe than their combustion engine counterparts.

If they were still marginal a few years ago, electric cars are starting to become commonplace in the European automotive landscape. Motorists, not without being encouraged by a dissuasive tax on thermal cars, are now seriously interested in this new energy, promoted as less polluting than thermal vehicles.

Electric cars: 100% of sales by 2035?

So much so that battery electric vehicles could represent 100% of new car sales by 2035, according to a Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) study commissioned by Transport & Environment. But these optimistic forecasts will only materialize if CO emissions standards2 imposed on car manufacturers are becoming even stronger, according to the European Federation for Transport and the Environment:

“In six years, an electric car will be less expensive than a thermal car for all new buyers, families and professionals. We must now ensure that manufacturers commit to this transition by strengthening CO standards.2

European “, specifies Diane Strauss, Director of T&E in France.

As to cost of an electric car, which is often a barrier to buying, the study predicts that sedans (C and D segments) and electric SUVs will be less expensive to produce than gasoline vehicles from 2026, while the small cars (of segment B) electric will be in 2027. In terms of utility vehicles, light models will be more accessible than their Diesel counterparts from 2025, while large utility vehicles will be from 2026.

In practice, this result will be possible thanks to the drop in the price of new batteries, which is expected to fall by 58% in ten years, reducing the cost of electric vehicles.

Source : Transport & Environment

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