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he installs a V10 in his Mazda MX-5!

Because installing a V6 or a V8 in the small Japanese roadster is far too commonplace, he turns to an exotic V10!

The Mazda MX-5 became an icon thanks to its reduced weight, its considerate behavior and its very attractive price, from the end of the 1980s. The only fault that one could blame him, it is its lack of power : still today, it is limited to 180 hp. So to remedy this, fans around the world have resorted to sometimes surprising solutions: a turbo or a compressor, of course, but also sometimes V6 or V8, for accelerations that can approach supercars.

But there is one type of engine that probably never found its way under the little roadster hood: the V10. And for good reason, the V10s are rare: we think of that of the Dodge Viper, the Audi RS6 and BMW M5 of the 2000s, or supercars like the Porsche Carrera GT, the Lexus LFA, the Audi R8 or the Lamborghini Gallardo and Huracan. But all these engines are expensive, and especially very big: little chance of making them fit in a little sports car like the MX-5, even with a shoehorn …


A 2-liter V10!

But a small British workshop offers an interesting solution: a tiny 2-liter V10 ! Connaught, which was a manufacturer in F1 in the 1950s, more recently developed this engine for a confidential production sports car, the Type D Syracuse. This engine is actually a VR10: the two cylinder banks are so close together that they share the same cylinder head. A solution used in particular by Volkswagen for its VR6.

Result: the engine block is very compact, and fits easily under the hood of the little Mazda MX-5! Mike, its owner and YouTuber on behalf of the Drivetribe site, even claims that there is still room for a compressor … Objective: 240 hp ! When we know that his MX-5 NB only weighs a little over a ton, that already seems quite sufficient. Not to mention the sound, which should prove to be epic!

Source : Drivetribe

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