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the designs of the future 4L

The designs for a concept foreshadowing a future electric Renault 4 have just appeared on the Internet. Here is (maybe) the 4L of 2025!

In the grip of serious difficulties for a few years, Renault intends to rely on its rich past to get out of the rut. In order to win back the public and to rejuvenate its image in the process, the brand will indeed bring out some of its most iconic vehicles. in 100% electric version.

This is particularly the case of the 5, whose modern version was unveiled last January in the guise of a zero-emission concept with a neo-retro look. Its production has already been confirmed for 2023. Subsequently, other models will follow the same path, starting with the popular Renault 4.

A new iteration of the city car is indeed expected by 2025. But to celebrate the 60th anniversary of its car, launched in 1961, Renault should unveil this year a first prototype of its future 4L.

Of first sketches of this concept come perhaps from leak on the internet. Obviously coming from patents filed by Renault with the EPO, the European patent office, these drawings show a 4L in SUV sauce.

A crossover-style 4L

And we recognize the features of the original Renault 4, with in particular this vertical grille and this inclined stern, we also note that the future model will display a small crossover look with a raised ground clearance and plastic protections on its wheel arches. The round headlights at the front will give way to horizontal LED strips while the rear lights will always be vertical.

On the technical side, the 4L 2.0 will share the platform of the next R5. The same goes for the engines, which however remain unknown at this stage. See you in the coming months to find out more …

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