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ranking of the 10 most emblematic cars

When we talk about French cars, we cannot miss Citroën, an emblematic French brand that has marked the history of the automobile thanks to legendary models!

Founded in 1919, Citroën is one of the most iconic brands of the French automotive industry.

Citroën, a rich history spanning more than 100 years of existence

The company, who celebrated his 100th birthday 2 years ago already, has a very rich history and loaded with significant events. Thus, the brand founded by André Citroën has always been renowned for its avant-garde technologies which have inspired many other manufacturers. It can be said without question that Citroën has revolutionized the world of the automotive industry since its creation.

Its success is based on a complete offer, which has been able to meet both the demand in terms of affordable vehicles as with the famous 2 CV for example, but also more successful and high-end creations, like the luxury DS.

Iconic models that marked their time

Citroën marks the times, and this, from its beginnings with in particular the Front-wheel Drive released in 1934, which outclassed all its competitors thanks to its handling and front-wheel drive.

How not to quote the 2 CV, mythical model produced in more than 5.1 million copies, popular car par excellence which became one of the symbols of France of the Thirty-Glorious Years. It is characterized by its simplicity and simplicity: the car is inexpensive and goes straight to the point!

We can also mention the luxurious Citroën DS, which was made famous in particular by its numerous appearances both on the small and the big screen, but also by its innovative on-board technology for the time. It was used in particular by President Charles de Gaulle, and was involved in the Petit-Clamart attack.

Finally, more recently, it is the Citroën C6 released in 2005 which will have marked the spirits during his 7 years of career, by becoming for example the official car of the French government from Jacques Chirac to Emmanuel Macron. We can also cite theType H utility, the Mehari, the SM, GS, BX or even the XM, which were all avant-garde creations.

How can we talk about Citroën without talking about its revolutionary technologies, as the suspension hydropneumatique which equipped the brand’s models until 2017. This system offered unparalleled comfort for its occupants, thanks to a high hydraulic pressure system ensuring a constant height above the ground, whatever the loading.

Our ranking:

  1. 2CV
  2. Front-wheel Drive
  3. DS
  4. Ami 6
  5. BX
  6. SM
  7. Mehari
  8. GS
  9. Type H
  10. CX

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