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the death toll drops in April

203 people died on the roads of mainland France in April 2021. This is 101 more people than in April 2020, during confinement, and 32 less than in April 2019 (-14%).

Good news. In mainland France, the number of road fatalities decreased by 14% compared to the same period in April 2019.

The comparison was made with the figures of 2 years ago, and not those of last year, as the data has been skewed by the confinement national.

A decrease linked to the reduction of trips

According to Road safety, the factors which can explain this decrease are “the reduction of trips (curfew and 10 km limit)” as well as “the reduction of home-work trips” (due to teleworking).

If we look at the detail of the categories, among the 203 people died last month there were 95 motorists, 20 pedestrians, 53 motorcyclists and 19 cyclists.

Regarding the injured, 4,433 cases were identified, or 994 less (-18%) than in April 2019. The number of bodily accidents recorded by the police stood at 3,668 in April 2021, down 16% (-679 accidents) compared to April 2019.

Finally, in the French overseas territories, accident indicators are also down. According to the National Interministerial Road Safety Observatory (ONISR), 18 people lost their lives on the roads in April 2021, against 23 in April 2019. The number of bodily accidents stood at 243 in April 2021 against 269 in April 2019 and 280 people were injured in these accidents, up from 347 two years earlier.

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