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this bill wants to report them

Good news for motorists? This bill wants to allow any driver to be able to identify radar cars in all circumstances.

About forty members of the group The Republicans just filed a new bill aiming to make mobile speed camera signage compulsory. Indeed, it would be to make possible the identification of unmarked radar cars, in the same way that fixed radar control areas are indicated by clearly displayed traffic signs.

The law proposes to add to the Highway Code an article which stipulates that “Speed ​​control vehicles are subject to specific signage such as to allow any driver to identify them with the naked eye in all circumstances”, but does not indicate precisely how these “mobile mobile” radars will come out of anonymity. However, we can easily imagine specific signage or colors, which would be applied to today’s unmarked radar cars, which are now hidden inside many common models: Peugeot 308, Citroën Berlingo, Volkswagen Golf, etc.

Radar cars: a constant source of stress

To support this new proposal, MEPs indicate that “For his safety, a driver has better things to do than wonder if the car he is passing or passing is a camouflaged ‘radar on wheels’. This source of stress

Diverts it from objective number 1, namely to observe the environment in which it circulates, to anticipate any unforeseen event and to be ready to react. “.

If this bill has little chance of being adopted, it nevertheless represents a virtuous approach which consists in having confidence in the responsibility of the driver, while calling for the development of prevention and training, as well as repression against the real scourges of the road: driving under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs.

Commissioned in France since 2013, the radar cars will number 450 by the end of 2021. Half of them will be driven by salaried drivers of private companies, against only 40 last year, with the ultimate objective of fully replacing the forces of the order in this mission.

Source: National Assembly

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