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A brand new Jaguar F-Type falls from a truck!

Here are some images that have something to cringe … On the video of the day, we can see the unloading a Jaguar F-Type visibly brand new, at least before it hits the ground.

A painful landing

This car delivery man did a good job: in one blow, he managed to heavily damage a Jaguar F-Type, a Chevrolet silverado as well as a Nissan GT-R parked behind the pick-up! A triple accident without any driver on board …

In the images, we can see the Jaguar located on the top platform of the truck. Without knowing why, the convertible is obviously not attached and rolls back. He comes slip before falling heavily on the asphalt and bounce several times… ouch!

The damaged convertible

Although it doesn’t necessarily show in the video, the F-Type is most likely heavily damaged in terms of its structure: its frame is not made to withstand such a fall from 2 meters high!

We also imagine that many other parts of the car were undoubtedly damaged …

The scenario could have ended like this but in its tracks, the Jaguar ends its race against the front bumper of a Chevrolet Silverado, which in turn collides with a Nissan GT-R parked behind! We will have to explain all this to the insurance companies …

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