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After having his Tesla confiscated, he does it again!

Tesla’s Autopilot system is very efficient. Some drivers even decide to leave the driver’s seat of their vehicle to let it drive alone! An irresponsible act that should never be attempted… twice ?!

Tesla’s Autopilot system fascinates, It is the least we can say. Too many people try to let their cars go by themselves when they are not behind the wheel. Not long ago, we were also telling you about a driver who took all the risks so that his Tesla could run on its own … But the story that follows is even more incredible!

Arrested for not driving

In California, stronghold of the American brand, a 25-year-old Indo-American was stopped by the police after showing off proudly in the backseat of his driverless Tesla at the wheel. The latter was then, of course, in motion. So far, nothing new.

He does it again!

The young man had his car confiscated, which is understandable. But there, he decided to do it again! After having bought a new Model 3 while his was impounded, he published a new video of him, in the back seat, without driver, on board his Tesla ! Human stupidity can sometimes be surprising, to say the least …

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