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He rolls against the direction on the highway!

Unfortunately, it still happens that some lost motorists find themselves in the wrong direction on the highway. And most often, it ends like that…!

Unfortunately there is still sometimes people with the wrong meaning on expressways… This is precisely the case with these images which come to us from Italy.

An error still too widespread

On highways, it still sometimes happens that motorists take the wrong way. Sometimes there are accidents that end badly and some are even sometimes filmed by cameras.

According to road safety figures, 28 people were fatally injured within the framework of 124 misinterpretation which took place on French highways for the year 2016.

Motorway companies thus find it very difficult to eradicate this practice, which involves taking the traffic lanes in the wrong direction and which often ends in a dramatic manner.

Probably more fear than harm

On this video filmed in Italy, we can see a rather astounding case of misunderstanding. We see a pickup, a Toyota Rav4, which rolls on a fast lane in the opposite direction with dozens of vehicles arriving in front of it.

Instead of putting himself in the right lane or he could meet motorists driving at a slower pace, the latter stands at the very edge of the left lane, where he meets many vehicles that barely have time to see him. arrive, at the last moment.

If most of the cars he passes manage to avoid him, it does not last : when a van interferes with the traffic and several vehicles try to overtake it, the latter can unfortunately only notice at the last moment of the pickup which rush straight towards them.

Fortunately, the impact is not so violent and the two drivers obviously had time to brake before the impact. The small pile-up is impressive but no one was seriously injured. It remains to be seen how the driver ended up in this situation!

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