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job offers to drive them

Mobiom, one of the private companies responsible for circulating the famous unmarked radar cars, offers job offers as a driver …

Mobiom. This name may not mean anything to you, and for good reason: this subsidiary of the Challancin group is particularly discreet, but it is a company that recruits, and on permanent contracts please. According to its terms, Mobiom is specializing in business services, and working on innovative field mobility solutions, giving very important importance to the quality of service of its services.

In reality, it is more sadly one of the private companies which is commissioned by the French State to drive unmarked radar cars (or RMNG, for New Generation Mobile Radars).

Soon 450 unmarked radar cars on our roads

The government announced the color: the radar cars will number 450 by the end of 2021, half of which will be driven by salaried drivers of private companies, with the objective of fully replacing the police, in the long term.

And to ensure this mission, Mobiom has submitted numerous job offers, particularly in the Grand Est region but also in Normandy. To be able to claim these CDIs, you must have a clean criminal record, have held a driving license for at least three years, and, ironically, have a minimum of 10 points in your capital. Still in Mobiom’s terms, the mission is to carry out a regional tour communicated by your coordinator, driving a vehicle equipped with mobile field equipment. The greatest rigor will be required of you.


The proposed remuneration for this job is 22,000 euros gross per year, i.e. a little over 1,800 euros per month, with meal allowances. You must also be available to the company, since the schedule may require you to work day, night, weekends or even on public holidays … 5 hours 30 a day on average, an unmarked radar car (such as Peugeot 308, Citroën Berlingo, Volkswagen Golf, etc.), and help penalize any offender without his knowledge.

Source: Mobiom

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