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the restomod of the legendary Lancia 037!

A small Italian workshop has decided to modernize a legend: the Lancia 037.

Even if restomods (restorations of old with modern pieces) are on the rise, it takes a certain courage to tackle a model as rare and mythical as the Lancia 037. Produced in only 207 units, the Lancia 037 Stradale is the homologation version of the rally car of the same name, entered in Group B in the 1980s. Before the domination of the Audi Quattro and the future Lancia Delta Integrale, the 037 was the last car to win the World Rally Championship by being a simple propulsion.

At the time, Lancia had gone all out to tackle the Audi monster. The 037 is therefore a pure racing car, with an ultralight tubular chassis, and a single engine in the rear central position. The latter, a 2.1-liter four-cylinder, has the distinction of being both equipped witha compressor and a turbo.

More than 500 hp and a revised chassis

To bring the legend up to date, theatelier italien Kimera put the small dishes in the big ones. The engine has been overhauled by Claudio Lombardi, responsible for its creation at the time. Result: the power passes from 205 to more than 500 hp ! The fiberglass bodywork has been replaced by carbon panels, which have been slightly revised for a more modern look. Under this skin, the suspensions have been modernized by the specialist Öhlins, while the brakes are now modern Brembos. Finally, we notice large 18- and 19-inch rims, which remain retro in their design.

Kimera plans to produce 37 copies of theEVO37, which is already a significant part of the 207 units produced by Lancia at the time. And with a price set at 480 000 €, it will not be accessible to everyone …

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